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Facemask with Nose Wire and HEPA Filter Lavender Flowers   This is a washable, reusable face mask fashioned in satin with sparkles and a metallic elastic headband. It features a sewn-in wire for better fit around the nose, a replaceable HEPA filter and an adjustable elastic band that goes over the head.
The HEPA fillter is cut from a vacuum cleaner bag with hot glue used to seal the seam. The filter can be replaced with similar fabric, filters sold online or non-woven fabrics.
The elastic band goes around the head and can be easily adjusted with the toggle at the ends. This gives a snugger and more comfortable fit.
There are three layers of fabric. The outer layer is polyester. The two lining layers are 100% cotton. They are sewn together to create a pocket to hold the filter. The pocket opens across to allow easy access. Wash and air dry after removing the filter.    Color: navy  Hue:   Code: #382775.
Item #A238NV   
Price: $10.95

Measurements:  width 10½", height 5", depth 2.